Sunday, March 20, 2011

I hate my iphone!

Or rather, I can't stand the auto-correction feature in its messaging, email or Notes apps!
It not only corrects your spelling but changes entire words for you.
It has a mind all of its own, and it's evil and a pervert to boot !

So, just turn it off, right?
Yeah, I did that, and you know what?
It's worst than before.
The keyboard is so small and sensitive that  you make more mistakes!

So, I guess until Mr. Jobs comes up with something better, I am stuck with all the perverted and sick messages IT wants to send to all my friends.

For those of you using auto correct on the iphone, you know what I am talking about.
For those of you who don't use the iphone for messaging, here's a bit of what we have to go through....

To have a great laugh at the expense of iphone users, go to this great website... it'll leave you in stitches the whole day.

Stupid is as stupid does

Today, I was waiting for the lift at my apartment block when this youngish lady in her twenties also came to wait. I  know her to be one of my neighbours somewhere up on the higher floors.

She was on the phone yakking away with her friend while tossing & juggling her house keys with the other hand. I don't like to stereotype people but this slovenly dressed ah lian gave you the feeling she was a walking disaster.

True enough, when the lift doors opened, she fumbled her keys and it dropped right into the crack between the landing and the lift floor.

"Dammit, shit!" she screamed into her phone to her friend, "this is the 3rd time my keys got into the gap!"
"Damned idiots, why did they have to make the gap so big?!!"